Chaburah Spotlight – Orlee Rebibo

Orlee Rebibo is from Potomac l, Maryland. After attending Berman Hebrew Academy, she spent her year in Israel at Midreshet Amit. She is currently in Stern College for Women , majoring in Speech Pathology.

These are the amazing ladies in orlee’s Chabura:
Zahava Zuroff (Cincinnati,OH)
Abby Emanual (Vancouver , CN)
Michal lieter (Passaic, NJ)
Kayla Silverman (Woodmere, NY)

Orlees Chabura was based on kabbalat shabbos, but used famous social media posts to help explain the concepts. Every day she would begin with a post or a video clip and use that as base for a topic. At the end it would always tie into a lesson seen in the text of shabbos teffila

“What is your most meaning ful memory from micheleet”

Michal Leiter: The part of michlelet that really meant the most to me was the environment. It is such a warm and caring environment that is really balanced between Torah, chessed, and fun. You are surrounded by people who really want to learn and grow but at the same time have a lot of fun. It was a special environment that you won’t get many other places.

Abby Emanuel: I dont have one favourite memory. Michlelet provided me with an everyday experience that i can never get anywhere else. I remember on the first day, at ths airport, gila golstone came over to me and a bunch of other girls. She asked us our names, to which I responded, Abby Emanuel, never thinking she would remember it. She proved me wrong. When we got to reishit, she called me by not only my first name, but she managed to remember my last name too. This is just one example of the time and effort every madricha and camper put into knowing and caring for everyone.

Kayla Silverman :For me the most meaningful experience was actually going on all the different hikes because even though it wasn’t meant to be an inspirational activity at all for me seeing all the beautiful wonders of HaShems creation. Was overall the most meaningful thing for me I went on a lot of different hikes and one that sticks out to me was the water hike every time I think of it I just thank HaShem for making something so beautiful

Zahava Zuroff:My most meaningful part of michlelet was by far the wedding we made. The fact that we were able to throw together a wedding like that all together shows so much achdut and then the happiness on her face and her shock was so beautiful and that was so amaizng.