Saying Goodbye:(

As the summer begins to come to a close, the feelings are bittersweet. We are so grateful to everyone who made this summer as incredible as it was; we have our amazing memories that will always be with us. However, it is hard to imagine that Monday morning we will be waking up at home, without our Michlelet Family. Yesteday, we had our last regular full day in camp, which included learning and activities. The girls had their last homeroom and chaburahs with their madrichot and the emotions could be felt all around. We concluded and reflected upon our summer at our banquet where many girls had the opportunity to share their experiences and express their hakaras hatov. Nava Israel, Elisheva Ismach, Ella Kurtz, and Aliza Rothman left the crowd inspired and motivated. We watched a video recap of our summer created by Rachel Meyer, which went through every moment of our awesome summer. We had the amazing privilege to be joined by David Cutler who emphasized to us the importance of Hakaras Hatov towards our families for giving us the opportunity to spend a summer of learning and doing chesed in Eretz Yisroel. The night ended off with an exciting concert by Shlomo Katz. We danced and sang together with incredible achdus, and concluded with a beautiful kumzitz. Today, we hopped on the buses and headed to Meah Shearim/Geulah. We are now back in Reishit and are looking forward to spending our last shabbos together. We can’t believe that the Best.Summer.Ever is coming to a close, and we will miss everyone so much!! Good Shabbos!