BLOG -Summer 2018

Chaburah Spotlight — Zehava Weinberg

Zehava Weinberg is from Woodmere, N.Y and will be attending Queens College. Zehava went to Central for high school and spent two incredible years in Tomer Devora. After spending a summer on NCSY Michlelet, Zehava could not wait to return as a Madricha. Zehava’s chaburah


Today we had an exiciting FULL day trip!! With an early wake up we boarded the buses and headed up north for the day. First stop was Kfar Kedem where we put on the outfits of our ancestors and learned about how they built the


Today we had a very special opportunity on Michlelet. After a great morning of learning torah the girls all came down to the dining room to find out their jobs to wedding prep. We were involved in everything from flower to table settings to shtick

Special Guest: Rav Sobolofsky

Today was a Torah-packed day at Reishit! Started off with regular homerooms, insightful chaburahs and teacher shiurs and activities that continued in the afternoon. We had the zechut of hosting Rav Sobolofsky for a Q and A session. The girls had given in questions beforehand

Chaburah Spotlight — Yael Itskowitz

Yael Itskowitz is enjoying her first summer on Michlelet as a Madricha! She hails from Pittsburgh, PA and and is currently studying business in Sy Syms school of Business. Yael attended Shaalvim for Women for her year in Israel and feels so privileged to have

Chaburah Spotlight — Shaina Reissman

Shaina Reissman is from Monsey, New York. She attended Manhattan High School for Girls and then went on to study in Me’ohr for a year. She is currently majoring in Biology in Touro College. After spending an incredible summer as a camper, Shaina is back

Chaburah Spotlight — Ziva Bibbins

Ziva Bibbins is from Cleveland, Ohio. She attended Midreshet Moriah for a year and is currently in Stern College. This is Ziva’s first summer on Michlelet and she is having an amazing time! The Rebbetzins in Ziva’s chaburah are: Chaviva Salzberg (SKA, Far Rockaway, NY),

Chaburah Spotlight — Zahava Rothberg

Zahava Rothberg is from Teaneck, New Jersey and went to Bruriah High School followed by MMY for a year and a half. She currently attends Stern College and is majoring in biology. Zahava went on Michlelet as a camper and was so excited to come

Chaburah Spotlight — Tzipora Hirsch

Tzipora Hirsch is from Queens, NY. After graduating from Manhattan High School, she spent a year and a half at Michlalah. Tzipora is currently studying at Queens College, majoring in mechanical engineering. Tzipora remembers her incredible summer on Michlelet as a camper, and is so