Chaburah Spotlight — Alix Klein

Alix Klein is originally from Miami, however her family moved to Israel 2 years and she is now studying Biology in Stern College for Women. She attended RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach before she spent a year at Sha’alvim for Women!
Alix is so excited to have the opportunity to experience Michlelet for the first time.

The girls is Alix’s Chabura are Hannah Grayman (East Brunswick, NJ), Racheli Kirschner (Woodmere, NY), GG Magence ( Chicago, IL) and Estee Pretter ( Baltimore, MD).

Alix’s Chabura is called “Girl Power: The Eishes Chayils of our Time”. The goal is for each girl to learn about modern Jewish women who have had a profound impact on our lives. Through studying each women we learn many different lessons by how they led their lives and made a lasting mark on this world. Throughout the Chabura, there are many guided question to create discussion between the group and aid them in making the lessons applicable to their own lives.

What are you most excited for on Michlelet?

Racheli: I am excited to tour the land of Israel on all the different tiyulims and chessed trips.

Hannah: I am most excited for the variety of chessed trips. However, something that makes Michlelet so special in the Chabura time and nightly speakers which I am also super excited for.

Estee: I can’t wait to be able to go to the kotel multiple times and go on all the tiyulim!

GG: I am looking forward to all the learning that is going to go on throughout the summer combined with all the amazing trips!