Chaburah Spotlight — Zehava Weinberg

Zehava Weinberg is from Woodmere, N.Y and will be attending Queens College. Zehava went to Central for high school and spent two incredible years in Tomer Devora. After spending a summer on NCSY Michlelet, Zehava could not wait to return as a Madricha.
Zehava’s chaburah is titled “The Pursuit of Happiness”. It goes through different ways a person can incorporate happiness into their lives. She covers topics such as Emunah, Bitachon, Self Esteem, Giving, etc. in the hopes that the girls in the chaburah will find ways to instill a genuine sense of contentment in their lives.
The girls in Zehava’s chaburah are, Adee Black (Cedurhurst, New York), Liala Ram (Baltimore, Maryland), Chaya Rosenberg (Lawrence, New York), and Bassie Shaw (Baltimore, Maryland). Sarah Bracha Miller, (Passaic, New Jersey).
What was your favorite part of Michlelet and why?

Adee- My favorite part of Michlelet so far was our trip to Eilat because In Eilat I tried new things I never would have done until then, such as repelling. Also, in Eilat I had the most amazing time on the sunrise hike with my friends and I saw a really beautiful sunrise.

Chaya- My favorite part about Michlelet so far was greeting the nefesh bnefesh flight from America. I loved welcoming all the families that made aaliyah and cheering them on as they got off the plane. It was very inspirational for me because all these people got up from their lives to embark on a new journey with their families in Erez Yisroel!

Liala- My favorite part of michlelet is when we went up north because i got to experience things I never did before with new friends.

Bassie- my favorite part of michlelet was visiting Tammy Carmel. When we first watched her previously-recorded shiur, I can admit that it was moderately striking, but when Tammy came out, that inspiration was transformed into something I will always remember.

Sarah Bracha- My favorite part of Michlelet is chaburah. I really like it because we discuss different topics related to our lives now and discuss different ideas and what we think about it.