BLOG -Summer 2019

Chaburah Spotlight – Tzip Kupferstein

Tzip Kupferstein is from Lawrence, New York. She has spent a year and a half in Michlalah and now attends Queens College. Tzip’s chabura topic is life lessons and middot development from shabbos. Each chabura addresses a different  aspect of shabbos and the girls learn

Chaburah Spotlight – Shoshana Rapps

Shoshana Rapps is from Edison, New Jersey. After graduating Bruriah High School, Shoshana spent a year and a half in Michlalah and is currently studying Jewish Education and Psychology in Stern College for Women. Shoshana went on Michlelet as a camper and is super excited

Chaburah Spotlight – Tovah Weiskopf

Tovah Weiskopf is from Bergenfield, New Jersey. After attending Bruriah High School, she spent a year and a half learning in MMY, and is currently in Stern College! Tovah went on michlelet as a camper and is so excited to be back as a madricha!

Chaburah Spotlight – Zahava Pfeiffer

Zahava Pfeiffer is from Bergenfield, New Jersey and is currently in Touro College studying Psychology. She went to Bruriah High school and then spent a year and a half in seminary at Michlalah. Zahava went on Michlelet as a camper and is now so excited

Chaburah Spotlight – Rivka Hirsch

Rivka Hirsch is from Passaic, New Jersey, and is currently studying Biology at Stern College. She attended Bruriah High School and then spent a year in Israel learning at Michlalah. This is Rivka’s first summer on Michlelet and Baruch Hashem she is having an amazing

Chaburah Spotlight – Ruthi Glaser

Ruthi Glaser is from Queens, New York. She attended SKA for high school, and then went on to learn for an amazing year and a half in Shaalvim For Women. She is now studying at Stern College. This is Ruthi’s first time on Michlelet and

Chaburah Spotlight – Tehila Azar

Tehila Azar is from Teaneck, NJ. After attending Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School, she was blessed to continue learning at MMY for an amazing year! Now she’s in Stern College for Women studying math and computer science. Tehila is so excited to be on Michlelet for

Chaburah Spotlight – Tali Lasarow

Tali Lasarow is from Toronto, Canada. She attended Tiferes Bais Yaakov High School and then went to michlalah seminary. She is currently studying kinesiology at York university. This is Tali’s first summer on michlelet and she is loving every moment of it! Tali’s Chaburah discusses the