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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Ronit Landsman

michlelet August 13, 2019

Ronit Landsman is from Holliswood, New York. After going to Central for high school, she spent an incredible year and a half in Sha’alvim for Women. She then continued on to Queens College where she is currently studying psychology. This is Ronit’s first summer on Michlelet and she’s having an amazing experience and is excited for all that’s to come!

Ronit’s chaburah is titled “A Jew in a Catch 22” and it goes through various practical dilemmas which a high school girl may encounter on a daily basis. After discussing the conflict and its potential solutions, we focus on the dilemma through a Torah lens by learning about a specific midah or mitzvah and how we can use it to improve our avodas Hashem. The goal of the chaburah is for each girl to learn more and have a deeper understanding of these midot and mitzvot in order for it to enhance their daily lives.

The following 5 awesome girls make up Ronit’s chaburah: Rebecca M, Rebecca S, Chavi, Daniella, and Sarah. 

The girls were asked: If you could go back to any moment of the summer, what would it be and why?

Rebecca S: If I could go back to any moment from the summer it would definitely be Yom NCSY. Seeing 2600 NCSYers come together in one open area to dance and have a great night was an amazing opportunity to come together as one, despite our differences. Being able to dance with a TJJ ambassador on my right and a give Israel NCSYer on my left allowed me to dance with a unified group and that’s what the Jewish people are all about!  It was also an extremely uplifting night when NCSY Hatzolah rescue presented the brand new ambucycle. This made me so appreciative of the Hatzolah in our communities.

Rebecca M: If I could go back to any moment this summer I’d choose the bridal shower that we made for a poor bride. It was one of the most moving experiences I’ve had on michlelet so far because it was an opportunity that is so rare and we made it so beautiful. Seeing the pure happiness on the kallah’s face as we danced around her and gave her presents was so rewarding and special.. Every experience on Michlelet leaves us feeling something different but this was extremely special and we were really able to see the benefits of our hard work preparing for this event!! I feel so lucky that I was able to be a part of this mitzvah and ultimately finish it off with making a wedding for this couple from start to finish!!

Sarah: If I could pick one moment this summer to go back to I would pick hiking up mesadah and davening while watching sunrise. I would pick this because being able to daven while looking at Hashems beautiful creations in front of my eyes made my davening much more personal and meaningful. Being able to appreciate the greatness of what Hashem can do ultimately led me to appreciate the smaller day to day miracles He performs. It gave me the opportunity to create a stronger appreciation and connection to Hashem, and gave me the ability to see everything He can create and the beauty He put into this world.

Daniella:  If I can go back to any moment in the summer it would definitely be the 2 days that TJJ ambassadors came to michlelet. It was such a meaningful experience yet fun at the same time! Despite our many differences we all came together and focused on creating a connection with other Jews which was very inspiring. We all came together with achdus to create a bridal shower for a poor bride which made the experience even more meaningful. We put aside our different backgrounds and spent the day learning, creating friendships, and having fun!

Chavi: On michlelet we have so many amazing moments, therefore it’s very hard to choose just one. 
One of the many amazing moments was the incredible experience of going to Tzfat for shabbos. Something that stood out to me over shabbos was going to the sound caves where we all walked hand in hand and sang together and really felt like one big unit.