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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Ruthi Glaser

michlelet August 15, 2019

Ruthi Glaser is from Queens, New York. She attended SKA for high school, and then went on to learn for an amazing year and a half in Shaalvim For Women. She is now studying at Stern College. This is Ruthi’s first time on Michlelet and she’s having an amazing time! 
Ruthi’s chaburah is called “AnataME- using our spiritual bodies to serve Hashem”. In the chaburah, we delve into the deeper meaning behind many different body parts, and the middos that stem from them. The goal of the chaburah is to learn how to elevate our physical bodies in order to serve Hashem in the best way we can! 
Ruthi’s chaburah is made up of 4 of the BEST GIRLS AROUND: Malkie, Pori, Ruthi and Tamar! 

What was the most meaningful moment on Michlelet so far? 

Pori- My most meaningful moment on michlelet was visiting Tammy Carmel and seeing how much emunah she has!

Ruthi- Over the course of my five weeks on michlelet, I have reached many great heights due to the wonderful variety of campers and madrichot. A specific moment that played a huge part in helping me throughout my journey was Ruthi’s chabura. Originally in the morning, Ruthi’s chabura shared the first words of mussar and Torah that I heard the whole day.  Therefore, they clung to me throughout the day, affecting my every move. These words of Torah were especially meaningful to me because they taught me how to elevate the physical into the spiritual, something that we are required to do with every action we take. Ruthi truly taught me the essence of being a Jew and for that I am forever grateful.

Tamar- One of my most meaningful moments on Michlelet so far was when we made a bridal shower for a kallah! It was definitely a moving experience for me that made me feel extremely grateful for everything that I have. Seeing a huge smile across the kallah’s face brought an even bigger smile to my face! I loved that I was able to do such a big chessed and see that all the efforts that were put into it made such a big difference to the kallah and her family. I will never forget how happy the kallah looked when we gave her presents and danced around her! I feel so privileged to have been part of such a special mitzvah like this and thank Michlelet for allowing me to partake in this beautiful chessed!!

Malkie- One of the most meaningful moments on michlelet for me was our Tisha Bav night program. Seeing everyone feel for Am Yisroel was really beautiful. Having this night program it got me thinking about how I can improve as a Jew. The exact words I said on this night was “I’ve never wanted Mashiach more in my life”