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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Shoshana Rapps

michlelet August 17, 2019

Shoshana Rapps is from Edison, New Jersey. After graduating Bruriah High School, Shoshana spent a year and a half in Michlalah and is currently studying Jewish Education and Psychology in Stern College for Women. Shoshana went on Michlelet as a camper and is super excited to be back for her second summer in Eretz Yisrael as a Madricha! 

Shoshana’s Chabura is titled “Thirteen Steps To Being The Best Ovedet Hashem,” where the girls learn how to serve Hashem in the best way, by emulating Him, through exploring and gaining greater insight into the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy. Each Chabura centers around one of Hashem’s Yud Gimmel Middos HaRachamim and the lesson is then applied to practical daily life, to learn how to emulate Hashem’s Ways. The Chabura always ends with a Tefillah Tip, where the idea learned is connected to a part of Tefillah. 

The amazing girls in Shoshana’s Chabura are Rikki, Danielle, Rivka and Hannah. Each girl is incredibly unique and adds something special to the Chabura. It is such a z’chus for Shoshana to get to learn with them on Michlelet this summer! 

When the girls were asked “In what way has Michlelet helped you become a better Ovedet Hashem (Servant to G-d),” the girls answered:

Rikki: The amazing Chaburas on Michlelet have truly opened my eyes and made me a better person as well as improving my Avodat Hashem. I’ve learned to apply these valuable lessons to my daily life. Such as improving my kavana when I daven, treating others the way I would want to be treated, and emulating Hashem’s incredible ways as much as possible.

Danielle: Michlelet has really helped me become a better Ovedet Hashem by understanding how important it is to be a proud Jew. I need to show others that no matter where I am in the world. Also Michlelet has shown me so much more how amazing and special it is for Jews to come together and be one.

Rivka: All the amazing trips and sights we saw in this amazing Land have changed my view on G-d’s creations. After such eye opening experiences, I feel I can see HaShem clearly in my life, strengthening my connection to Him and enabling me to walk in His path in a new way.

Hannah: Michlelet has given me a better understanding of how to use my body to serve Hashem. Whether it be to not speak Loshon Hara or the order to tie my shoes I feel better prepared in my religious journey.