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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Tovah Weiskopf

michlelet August 17, 2019

Tovah Weiskopf is from Bergenfield, New Jersey. After attending Bruriah High School, she spent a year and a half learning in MMY, and is currently in Stern College! Tovah went on michlelet as a camper and is so excited to be back as a madricha!

Tovah’s chabura is titled: “Navigating our growth through the Jewish calendar”. Each chabura goes through a different holiday or special time of the year and discusses messages and values that we can apply to our daily lives!

The amazing girls in Tovah’s chabura are: Adina, Ayelet, Mindy, Rivka

What was your favorite chessed we did this summer?

Adina: On michlelet we had the privilege to go on many Chesed trips. I really enjoyed all the trips but my most favorite was delivering food to the Israeli soldiers. When I gave my food to the soldiers, not only did it make me feel more connected to Israel, but it made me realize how much these soldiers do for all of the Jewish people and I feel so grateful.

Ayelet: My favorite chesed we did this summer was making the wedding. It was really cool how the entire camp put together a beautiful wedding for a choson and kallah who wouldn’t have been able to have one without our help.

Mindy: My favorite chessed this summer on Michlelet was going to the machlises house Thursday night to help prepare food for shabbos. Walking in to such a busy house yet full of simcha really showed me how to chessed in the right way and is an experience I will never forget

Rivka: My most memorable chessed this summer was going to greet a nefesh bnefesh flight at five at the morning. I have so much respect for the olim who are leaving their family and friends to come to the holy land. I was so happy to make Jews who I’ve never met before feel welcomed.