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Chaburah Spotlight – Tzip Kupferstein

michlelet August 17, 2019

Tzip Kupferstein is from Lawrence, New York. She has spent a year and a half in Michlalah and now attends Queens College. Tzip’s chabura topic is life lessons and middot development from shabbos. Each chabura addresses a different  aspect of shabbos and the girls learn how to apply these lessons to their daily lives. The Chabura is set up as a “Shabbaton” – each time we learn about another part of shabbos whether it be Kabalat Shabbos or Cholent. Throughout the Chaburas there are games, videos and a variety of exercises to help the girls gain a better understanding and appreciation for Shabbos. The goal of her chabura is to make shabbos a more meaningful experience and to enable the girls to take the lessons of shabbos into their weeks. 

The girls in Tzip’s Chaburah are Kayla , Ariella ,Tamar, and Aliza

What was something new you learnt on michlelet? 

Kayla – I’ve learnt through Chaburah as well as the tiyulim we went on to appreciate not only the beauty but the history and meaning behind the land of Israel. 

Ariella – I’ve learnt to appreciate our home land of Israel. We greeted a nefesh bnefesh flight and it was so moving to see how excited people are to come live in our home land. All different types of Jews were united in their excitement – am Yisroel chai

Tamar – I’ve learnt the important of friendships. I’ve developed new relationships this summer and a new found appreciation for good friends.

Aliza – I’ve learnt to appreciate a good Torah Shuir. Sitting  through a night speaker every time at first sounding impossible but now There the highlight of my days!