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About The Trip

August 1: COLOR WAR DAY 2

levyj August 3, 2022

Hi my name is Mindy, I’m from monsey. Today we started with a meaningful Shacharit fallowed by a nutritious breakfast. Then we have our usual Morning Chaburas and teacher shiurs. After that we continue our color war with an intense game of dodge ball. Then we refilled our energy tank with a delicious lunch and a Dvar Torah from team purple and that’s also were they showed us their emblem. Following lunch was some team time where each team had time to work on what they would be performing. Then there was an incredible apache game which was very cool. At 5:00 there was some more team time wear everyone perfected thier performances to make sure they can present them well. Then 6:45 a meaningfull Mincha. At 7 there was dinner and a dvar Torah from team pick. After dinner all the teams performed. All of them did amazing. And team BLUE WON!!!!! YAY!!