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About The Trip

August 2: Mini tiyulim

levyj August 3, 2022

Hi my name is Gavriella Weinberg. I’m from Bergenfield NJ and go to Naaleh high school. Today on Michlelet we had a full day tiyul. We started off the day with davening and breakfast. Then we boarded the buses to Yad Vashem. We had an amazing tour guide who explained to us each part of the museum. He really made each exhibit come to life. After that we had lunch. Then we went to Har Hertzel and had a different amazing tour guide who told us lots of stories. We walked around and learned about our heroic chayalim who defend our country. It was a very moving experience. Then we went to the kever of David Hamelech to daven mincha. After that we all went to Gan Soccer to have an amazing pizza dinner! We had such a packed, inspirational day perfect for the nine days.