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About The Trip

August 3: Give V.S. Michlelet Basketball game

levyj August 3, 2022

Hi!! I’m Tehilla, I’m from Woodmere, and I go to SKA. Today was a super fun, packed, meaningful day. We started off the morning with an eye opening technology Yom Iyun where we learned how to navigate todays struggles with social media. We learned practical tips through shiurim and workshops led by our madrichot and teachers. After that, we were able to choose between going to Tammy Karmel’s house to hear about her inspiring story with ALS, or going to the old city to Aish Hatorah. We then welcomed Give for dinner, a shuir by Rav Gav, and a basketball game. Congrats to Mich on the big win!! Today was a ten out of ten day!!