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About The Trip

July 27

levyj July 27, 2022

Hi, I’m Daniella and I’m from Silver Spring, MD. Today was an on campus day filled with so much fun! We started off with davening and then a delicious breakfast of croissants. After that we had our morning chaburahs and teacher shiurs. Activities followed next where we chose which activities we wanted to go to: Basketball, Zumba, baking and so much more! Next was lunch. We had falafel and French fries. YUM! After that, we had Mincha followed by our afternoon Chaburahs and teacher shiur. Tonight, after dinner, we went to the pool and it was so much fun! We had a BBQ and got tons of swimming in. We ended our night with the privilege of hearing from Rabbi David Katz. Can’t wait for another exciting day tomorrow!