Huvi Rosenkranz

“How can I possibly express what Michelet meant to me in just a few lines? The entire Michlelet staff welcomed me with open arms, taught me with such love, and kept us all safe. Each class, Chesed project, and trip was infused with insight and […]

Rachel Meyer

“My Michlelet experience was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Being able to be in Israel during such a hard time for am yisroel, really instilled in me a greater appreciation for the land. Our madrichot were all so special and the girls were […]

Tamar Schwartz

“I will always be grateful for my summer on Michlelet. It was eye-opening to spend 6 weeks in such a positive environment, surrounded by incredible girls and an experienced staff who are there solely to make your summer the best it can be.  But above […]

Leora Levine

“Michlelet provided an amazing balance between learning Torah, Chessed, and fun with the opportunity to grow as individuals. This was our summer to grow and mature as teenagers and Michlelet allowed us to do so and guided us in the right direction to help us […]

Tamar Rosenfeld

“Whether we were dancing on a party boat in Eilat, decorating picture frames with children in an orphanage, or learning with our madrichot- every second on michlelet was so well spent! This was really the Best. Summer. Ever.”

Orly Ohayon

“Michlelet allowed me to learn Torah at my own pace and express myself, my inner being, in a non-judgmental environment. The girls came from all over whether it be bais yaakov, modern-orthodox yeshivas, an all girls school, or, like me, a public school girl. No […]