Chaburah Spotlight: Shani Rothwachs

The one and only Shani Rothwachs is from Teaneck, New Jersey. She went to Maayanot and then spent a year and a half learning in Israel in Shaalavim and Michlalah. She is currently in Touro College. This is Shani’s third summer on Michlelet, but first

Chaburah Spotlight: Tamara Weinberg

Tamara Weinberg, from Woodmere, NY, is excited to spend her fourth summer on Michlelet!  The girls in Tamara’s chaburah are Yael Grosberg (Queens, NY), Yael Scheinman (Woodmere, NY), Aliza Kurtz (Passaic, NJ), and Aliza Rothman (Woodmere, NY). Tamara’s chaburah is about simcha. By learning about

Last shabbos!

Another inspiring shabbos on Michlelet. The perfect ending to  an inspiring summer, to say the least. Kabbalas shabbos, zemiros, Divrei Torah, tisch, chilling, learning, eating, playing games, chavrusahs, Mincha by the gorgeous sunset, singing as one voice as shabbos ebbed away… The list goes on!!!

Mrs. Yudin Weekly Update #6

Dear Michlelet NCSY Parents, It is almost impossible to believe that I am writing the final weekly letter of the summer! What an incredibly charged week it was full of meaning, growth and so much fun. We have experienced so much so deeply. We have

Friday in Yerushalayim

This morning was our last pancake breakfast for the summer! 🙁 We drove to Yerushalayim and walked around from the kotel to Geulah -wherever our hearts desires to see the beautiful city and purchase food or last minute gifts. Now, back on campus, we enthusiastically

Chaburah Spotlight: Atara Rosen

  Atara Rosen is from Cedarhurst, NY, and is currently studying at Queens College. She is so excited to be a madricha on Michlelet NCSY and inspire girls that dedicated their summer to learn Torah in Eretz Yisroel! She went to Torah Academy for Girls

Last Day on Campus/Banquet

Today we had our last day of learning and activities for summer 2016. There were few dry eyes around campus. We spent the day with our madrichot, teachers, and friends discussing what we’ve gained from and enjoyed on Michlelet! We began packing and organizing our

Chaburah Spotlight: Ayelet Shachar

Ayelet  Shachar is from the royal village of Queens,NY. After attending SKA, she spent an amazing year and half of learning in Shaalvim for Women. She is currently pursuing a degree  in Psychology at Queens College. Ayelet is so excited to be on Michlelet for

Chaburah Spotlight: Sarah Sklar

Sarah Sklar is from Cedarhurst, New York. She attended Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, and was then privileged to spend a year and a half of learning and growing in Michlalah Yerushalayim. Sarah went on Michlelet as a camper and is so excited