BLOG -Summer 2017


Check out our recap video of Michlelet 2017 – it truly was the BEST SUMMER.EVER! Thank you to everyone who helped make this summer


After our last and most inspirational kumsitz, on Michlelet, we boarded the busses around 4 am and headed to the kotel. After one last meaningful Tefillah together there, we were off to the airport for our flight home. As the day unfolded, unexpected twists were

Chaburah Spotlight – Orlee Rebibo

Orlee Rebibo is from Potomac l, Maryland. After attending Berman Hebrew Academy, she spent her year in Israel at Midreshet Amit. She is currently in Stern College for Women , majoring in Speech Pathology. These are the amazing ladies in orlee’s Chabura: Zahava Zuroff (Cincinnati,OH)

Chaburah Spotlight – Tamar Kranzler

Tamar Kranzler is from Teaneck, NJ. After attending Manhattan High School for Girls, she spent her year in Israel at Michlalah. She is now currently in Touro college, majoring in Judaic Studies. Tamar feels privileged to be able to spend her summer on Michlelet! The

Chaburah Spotlight – Sarah Levin

Sarah Levin is from Jamaica Estates, Queens. She went to SKA for High School, Michlalah for seminary, and is currently in the one and only Queens College. Sarah went on michlelet as a camper and is pumped to be back here as a madricha. Sarah’s

Saying Goodbye:(

As the summer begins to come to a close, the feelings are bittersweet. We are so grateful to everyone who made this summer as incredible as it was; we have our amazing memories that will always be with us. However, it is hard to imagine

Chaburah Spotlight – Dassy Domnitch

Dassy Domnitch is from Teaneck, NJ. She attended Bruriah High School and then Midreshet Moriah for a year and a half. She is currently in Stern College. The amazing girls in Dassy’s homeroom are: Lily Lightman (Bergenfield) Adina Lev (West Hempstead) Hayley Tanzman (Hillcrest) Sari

Chaburah Spotlight – Rikki Turk

Rikki Turk grew up in Miami Beach, Florida and moved to Teaneck, New Jersey five years ago. She attended Bruriah high school and then spent a year and a half in Shaalvim for Women. Rikki is now studying psychology in Stern College. Rikki loved her

Chaburah Spotlight – Miriam Weintraub

Miriam Weintraub is from East Brunswick, NJ. She attended Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School, spent a year in MMY, and is currently studying biology at Stern College for Women. It is her first summer on Michlelet, and she is having an amazing time! Miriam’s chaburah