Chaburah Spotlight – Dassy Domnitch

Dassy Domnitch is from Teaneck, NJ. She attended Bruriah High School and then Midreshet Moriah for a year and a half. She is currently in Stern College.

The amazing girls in Dassy’s homeroom are: Lily Lightman (Bergenfield)
Adina Lev (West Hempstead)
Hayley Tanzman (Hillcrest)
Sari Dubin (Lawrence)

Dassy’s chabura focuses on various Middos based on perakim in tehillim. These Middos can be applied throughout Avodas Hashem to enhance and strengthen relationships with Hashem, our friends and family, and ourselves.

Looking back on Michlelet, what is your favorite chessed you have done and why?

Lily – I’d say the wedding because after a day of everyone working together to set up the simcha, it was amazing to see the bride’s face and how everything fit so beautifully and having that accomplished feeling of making a real wedding!

Adina – My favorite activity/ chessed was the Hashomer Hachadash trimming olive trees because I liked working the land of Israel

Hayley- When the Shana Bet girls went shopping for the kallah for the bridal shower. It was an amazing experience to pick out everything a couple would need in order to start a life in a new home.

Sari – My favorite chessed activity this summer was when we made a carnival for the kids of Sderot. When the children arrived at our amazing, fun filled carnival I saw the smiles that began to appear on their faces and it made me so happy. We played games with them, danced with them and we took pictures with them. For some reason, seeing them happy made me extremely happy. Knowing that these children go through so much really made me sad because they are all beautiful children who just want to live a normal life but they have so many challenges. I was so happy that I was able to show my gratitude by making a carnival and having a blast with them.