Chaburah Spotlight — Atara Charnowitz

Atara Charnowitz is from Woodmere, N.Y and is currently studying in Queens College. Atara attended SKA high school and then spent a year and a half in Michlalah. She came on Michlelet as a camper, and coming back as a madricha has always been a dream of hers. Atara is so excited to be on Michlelet again and to participate in everything this amazing program has to offer.

The title of Atara’s chaburah is, “Your life starts now”. The goal of this chaburah is for the girls to learn the real meaning of time and make the most of each day. When learning about the value of every single day, the girls realize how important every moment in life is and how to utilize every day to the fullest. Through this chaburah, the girls will get the chance to learn about themselves on a much deeper level and find meaningful values and ideas which they can incorporate into their lives. Atara’s goal is to help them realize their potential through their ability of being proactive with each and every day.

The girls in Atara’s chaburah are:
Eleora Fine (Woodmere, NY), Anni Jacobowitz (Lawrence, NY), Rivka Loeb (Chicago, IL), and Yona Pamensky (Toronto, On ).

What is something you really enjoyed about the first week on Michlelet?
Eleora- This week, the first week on Michlelet I really enjoyed how we were able to make new friends while experiencing the combination of all different types of things that go on on Michlelet. There were such fun tiyulim, chessed trips, night activities and learning. I’m so excited for what else is to come on Michlelet iyH!

Anni- Michlelet so far has been amazing the trips chessed leaning etc…! One thing that really stood out to me was when we went to the kotel on the first day and how quickly we all connected and came together. Although we’re all from different places and from different backgrounds it didn’t matter we became as one.
Rivka- My favorite thing about michlelet this week was the super fun first day in Eilat! I first went to the salad trail and got to eat the vegetables of eretz yisrael which I thought was super cool! Then I went repelling down a cliff wich was a rare life experience. Then I went jeeping around Israel with all of my new friends that I met. Not one day goes to waste on michlelet!

Yona- Something I really enjoyed about the first week of michlelet was taking the Jeep tour in the Negev. It amazes me how I was looking at what was literally just sand and rocks, but somehow in Israel it is just breathtaking. I had the privilege of davening mincha at the top of a mountain while looking out on the beautiful view. I literally just kept saying מה רבו מעשך ה over and over, because seriously, how awesome are HaShem’s creations!!! This country never fails to amaze me with its beauty.