Chaburah Spotlight — Chanalee Elhyani

Meet Chanalee Elhyani who hails from Monsey NY. She currently attends Stern College for Women and is studying Jewish edu. She went to Bruriah HS and spent a year and a half in Tiferet in EY! This is her first NCSY summer and she’s so happy to be spending it as a madricha on michlelet!!
The girls in her chaburah are Sophie Greff, Indigo Paris, Devorah Frank, and Chani Wolfson.
Her chaburah is called “Putting the Yid back into Yiddishkeit” and the goal is to try and imbue some meaning into these girls lives/help them feel excited about their yiddishkeit (Judaism). We discuss different topics in chassidut and discuss how and what Gd used to create the world. We try to make everything practical and show how Judaism isn’t just something to learn, it’s something to live.

When she asked her chaburah what was the highlight of week 1- the responses were:
Sophie Greff: “I really love the activities, especially basketball league“
Indigo Paris: “the sunset every night has been absolutely breathtaking- always look forward to those views!”
Devorah Frank: “shabbos ebbing outside was amazing”
Chani: “I really liked the shabbos learning groups”