Chaburah Spotlight — Shaina Reissman

Shaina Reissman is from Monsey, New York. She attended Manhattan High School for Girls and then went on to study in Me’ohr for a year. She is currently majoring in Biology in Touro College. After spending an incredible summer as a camper, Shaina is back for her second summer on Michlelet!

The amazing campers in Shaina’s chabura are Aliza Schechter (Woodmere, NY), Rikki Weiss (Woodmere, NY), Eliana Cohen (Miami, Florida ) and Rivky Samel (Brooklyn, NY).

Shaina’s Chabura is called: “The Guide to Living a Meaningful Daily Life.” Each Chaburah focuses on a different middah or mitzvah in our daily lives and the practical lessons that can be learnt from them, to uplift our days. Throughout the chaburahs there are discussions, stories and activities to help the girls gain a better understanding and appreciation for their daily lives. The goal is for the girls to leave camp having practical lessons to apply to their lives.

Question: What is something you gained this summer on Michlelet?

Aliza: This summer on Michlelet I gained a better understanding for the power of tefilla. In my chaburah, we learnt alot about davening and it’s importance, specifically the power of saying ״פותח את ידך״ during אשרי. These words show us how everything that is given to us is directly from Hashem for us to use to fulfill our purpose in this world. We explored the idea that through davening we develop a personal, close relationship with Hashem. I feel that through learning about this topic I enhanced my personal כונה in my davening each morning while thinking that I am connecting to Hashem.

Rikki: This summer on Michlelet I gained a broader prospective on many aspects of my life. For example, in my homeroom chaburah we learnt about Emunah and I have seen that during challenging times, I react in a calmer manner with the clear understanding that everything is from Hashem for my good.

Eliana: In Michlelet this summer I learned a lot, but one thing that had a great impact on me was the power and affect ones words can have. In one of our Chaburahs, we learnt a mashal that with each word we speak we are providing paint for a person’s self portrait. With these colors of paint, we have the power to either create someone’s self portrait, with beautiful colors, or we can fill their portrait with dark gloomy colors. As you can see words have the ability to either make or break someone. This helped me realize the importance of my words and that every little thing I say has a great effect.

Rivky: One thing I gained in Michlelet this summer is perspective. I have learned to look at mundane things and see the meaning and beauty in them. My madrichot and teachers have taught me how to look at the Torah and mitzvot with a new light and have taught me ways to love and appreciate each opportunity that comes my way. Specifically, I feel that I have gained a lot in the area of tefillah. I have learned about the deeper meanings of brachot and this has made davening much more special to me.