Today we had a very special opportunity on Michlelet. After a great morning of learning torah the girls all came down to the dining room to find out their jobs to wedding prep. We were involved in everything from flower to table settings to shtick and more! Some girls made mazal tov signs while other cleaned up the rooms we would need for the wedding. Many girls helped build the chuppah and decorate it exactly how the kallah wanted it to look. There were also girls who made place cards and beautiful center pieces. We also put up a gorgeous flower wall and made a stunning badekin. We had girls set up the tables for dinner and some work as wairesses for the evening. The girls had a BLAST taking part in this very special mitzvah. The kallah was extactic the entire time and was appreciative for every we did for her. We danced the night away and had a very special hands on experience with the mitzvah of mesameach chatan vkallah.