Chaburah Spotlight — Yael Itskowitz

Yael Itskowitz is enjoying her first summer on Michlelet as a Madricha! She hails from Pittsburgh, PA and and is currently studying business in Sy Syms school of Business. Yael attended Shaalvim for Women for her year in Israel and feels so privileged to have the zechus to be back in Israel teaching Torah for the summer!

Yael’s chabura is called “20 Questions” and is about the big ideas and commonly asked questions in Torah. Some of the thought provoking questions include “What does it mean to have bechira?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Why do we value questions in Judaism?” Together, we navigate these concepts by looking at a wide range of sources and hopefully come out with a deeper understanding of these ideas!

The holy girls in my Chabura include Dina Rothwachs, Tali Mosenkis, Rivkah Zigman, and Talia Bertman!

What is your favorite location in Reishit and why?

Tali Mosenkis- The beit midrash bc it’s always so full of Torah and it’s where all Michlelet girls learn and daven and connect with Hashem

Rivkah Zigman-my favorite spot is by the stairs looking out to the sun and the city. it’s a beautiful place to eat, shmooze, pray, talk to G-d or just look out and watch the city buzz:)

Talia Bertman-My favorite location in reishit is my room. I like my room because I like to hang out with my friends and roommates there and also it’s the place where I can sleep and rest for the next fun day!

Dina Rothwachs- I love the area near the fountain because after seudat shlishit every week we have an incredible kumzitz until the end of shabbos.