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Chaburah Spotlight – Racheli Freundlich

michlelet August 13, 2019

Racheli Freundlich grew up in Atlanta but she now calls Montreal, Canada home. After spending a year and a half studying at Michlalah, Racheli began Stern College where she is majoring in biology. Racheli spent one amazing summer on Michlelet as a camper and is so excited to be back on Michlelet as a madricha this summer!
Racheli’s chabura is titled Making Judaism (ce)Real. The chabura connects essential Jewish ideas to cereal names with the goal of developing personal, tangible connections to these topics. Some topics covered are: Gratitude, Tefilla, Bitachon and Ahavas Yisrael. Through text based study and discussion, the girls learn about themselves, others, and their relationship with Hashem.
Her chabura includes Dasha, Daniella, Rebecca and Ellyana.

What’s your favorite part of the day?

Dasha – My favorite part of the day is going to the chaburas and teacher shiurs and being able to connect with who I am. The advisors and the teachers are able to help me connect l, and it is such a special time in my day because I don’t have this on a daily basis or even at all; I usually only get to learn maybe once a week or only once a month. Getting to learn 4 times a day is my favorite part of my day.

Daniella – Everyday spent in michlelet has been absolutely amazing. Every class, every activity and every trip will resonate with me for forever. But one thing that I really look forward to everyday is my morning chaburas. My Madrichot are truly inspiring and passionate and help me start the day with the proper mindset. Through these chaburas, I’ve been able to transform mundane days at camp into meaningful days of inspiration. When I spend my mornings learning with my chabura, I’m motivated to achieve more in life than just simply having a good time. At chabura, we begin with a topic and together we share stories, opinions and thoughtful words and leave feeling like a better person than we were before. My chabura are really great listeners and give me their full attention when I profoundly go off saying my opinion and thoughts 🙂 I learn so much from these amazing girls and I’m so grateful for that and I wouldn’t trade these mornings for anything.It’s so important to start your day off correctly because it truly impacts how the rest of your day will play-out.

Rebecca – My favorite part of the day is homeroom. It is a great way to start off the day in a meaningful way. Although homeroom is 15 minutes long, I gain so much from what we learn. I have the ability to get involved, share my opinion, and learn something new. A good day always starts off with something positive. Homeroom gives me the opportunity to start everyday off with something so meaningful. Not only that, the topics we learn are really great discussion based concepts and relatable ideas. My favorite topic we learned so far was about tefila. I loved the suggestions and thoughts that were shared in both homeroom and Chabura to make my tefila more personal and special.

Ellyana – There are many amazing things about michlelet. My favorite part of the day on michlelet is the night. After a great day of fun chessed and learning we get chill time. The best part about chill time is that you get to decide how to spend it. The night is the perfect time to hang out with friends and learn with your madrichot one on one. The fun and inspiration on michlelet is endless. I feel that my closest relationships on michlelet are built based on how I spend my night.