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Chaburah Spotlight – Rivka Hirsch

michlelet August 15, 2019

Rivka Hirsch is from Passaic, New Jersey, and is currently studying Biology at Stern College. She attended Bruriah High School and then spent a year in Israel learning at Michlalah. This is Rivka’s first summer on Michlelet and Baruch Hashem she is having an amazing experience!

The girls in Rivka’s chabura are Elana, Nava, Cila, Gabriella, and Rena.

Rivka’s chabura topic is the שש זכירות, the 6 events in Jewish history that every Jew is obligated to remember every day. In our chabura, we explore what happened during each of these events and ask the question, “Why do I have to remember this event every day? What does this have to do with me?” The goal of the chabura is to internalize the messages of the שש זכירות and how they relate to our personal avodas Hashem, as well as understand the important position they hold in our national history and essential makeup as the Jewish people.

What was your favorite tiyul on Michlelet so far? 

Gabriella- My favorite tiyul was probably maarat hamachpala because I really was able to connect to my roots there. As I was saying mincha and saying the Bracha of avot I felt such a connection to think that all I had to do was look up and I was staring at Sara’s grave and Avraham was right next to me.

Nava- My favorite tiyul so far was going to Shiloh. It was very cool to be able to see the site of where they believe the Mishkan was. Also, learning about all of the proofs they have that help show that the Mishkan really was there was very interesting.

Rena- That’s a difficult question. I loved all of our tiyulim. But the Tzfat tiyul was really nice. I enjoyed touring Sofer Stam, the artists’ colony and the old city. I especially loved rafting and hiking in the Chetzbani up north.

Cila- One of my favorite Tiyulim was the boat ride that we went on in Tevaria on Motzei Shabbos. It was so beautiful to sing meaningful songs with the entire camp while taking in the incredible view of Tevaria! I also really loved the Tiyul to Maaras Hamachpela. I felt a really deep connection to the Avos and Emahos and it was so special to be able to Daven there.

Elana- My favorite tiyul on Michlelet has been the Sofer Stam in Tzfat. I really liked learning about the process of writing Torahs and Mezuzoy, and I enjoyed getting hands on experience and insight into Mitzvot that I don’t necessarily see on a daily basis. We also practiced writing our name with a quill and ink on parchment, which was very cool! It was a meaningful and fun experience that I really enjoyed.