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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight – Zahava Pfeiffer

michlelet August 17, 2019

Zahava Pfeiffer is from Bergenfield, New Jersey and is currently in Touro College studying Psychology. She went to Bruriah High school and then spent a year and a half in seminary at Michlalah. Zahava went on Michlelet as a camper and is now so excited to be able to teach and learn Torah in Eretz Yisrael as a madricha on Michlelet.

The amazing and inspiring girls in Zahava’s homeroom are Ariella, Elisheva, Zahava, Chavi, and Bailey.

Zahava’s chaburah is called “Making Torah APPlicable: An App a Day to Live the Torah Way.” Each of Zahava’s Chaburas takes an iPhone app to teach a particular theme or concept in Judaism. The structure and theme of Zahava’s chabura lends itself to stimulating discussions and videos to make the ideas more relevant and applicable to our lives. The goal of Zahava’s chabura is to explore and understand central topics in Judaism, with an emphasis on imbuing meaning and purpose into our daily routines.

What is your favorite part about an in Shabbos on Michlelet and why?

Chavi Golding: My favorite part about the in-Shabbosim in michlelet is the time spent after the Friday night meal. The Tisch after the meal is a time when you are constantly laughing with all your friends, remembering the adventures of the past week and becoming even more excited for the next week. You truly feel like one big family sitting together, smiling, sharing snacks, and just simply enjoying every minute together.

Elisheva: My favorite part of an in shabbos on Michlelet is the afternoon when we have free time because its a time when we can meet all different types of girls from different places and use that time to connect and get closer.

Zahava: On Michlelet in Shabbosim there is a special atmosphere where we all feel like one big family celebrating Shabbos together. I particularly enjoy the post Shalosh Seudos kumzits when we sing into the weekend watching the beautiful views of Eretz Yisroel.

Bailey: My favorite part about an in shabbos in Michlelet is the Zmiros by the meals. Everyone is singing and it’s a very nice experience that we all get to have together as a camp. The singing really enhances shabbos and makes it very meaningful and special

Ariella: My favorite part about an in shabbos on michlelet is that on the most special part of the whole week, no matter where each of us come from, we all spend the day coming together as one enjoying and singing. And even better we have the opportunity to meet new people because of all the different activities we have and at shabbos meals we have mixed seating!