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About The Trip

Chaburah Spotlight: Abby Emanuel

scheinmany July 27, 2021

Abby Emanuel is from Toronto and went to Tiferes Bais Yaakov for High school. She spent two years in Midreshet Tehillah, the second of which she was a madricha! After a long time away, she will be returning to school in the fall to get a biology major at Touro. This is her third summer on Michlelet, but definitely not the third best summer on Michlelet!!
She is so excited to be back, giving back, and sharing her love of Michlelet with the girls in her chaburah!!
The girls in her chaburah are:
Atara (Shulamith), Tziporah (TMM), Perela (Bruriah), Nava (TAG), and Tehila (TAG).

What has been the most inspiring part of your Michlelet experience so far?

Atara- The most inspiring part of my Michlelet experience is how relatable the Madrichot make the chaburas and how they connect it to our lives so we can internalize each lesson. 

Tziporah- The learning.

Tehila- The most inspiring part of Michlelet is meeting all different kinds of girls from all over and connecting with each of them through the learning and trips.

Perela- The most inspiring thing for me was being at the Kotel and being able to see the wall that’s been there so many years.

Nava- The Chessed trips Bc it isn’t speeches it’s more interactive and you get to see the impact you make on the people.