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Chaburah Spotlight: Atara Weinberg

scheinmany July 20, 2021

Atara Weinberg is from the 5t (Woodmere). She went to North Shore for high school, Midreshet Moriah for seminary, and is currently a student in Touro. The title of her chaburah is Exploring Yiddishkeit Through Emojis. Each emoji represents a different middah or mitzvah. For example the glasses emoji is related to the power of perspective (Ayin Tova). Her Chaburah is made up of some of the most amazing girls in my chaburah: Tamar (Shulamith), Avigail (Naaleh), Tamara (Ulpana), Yali (SKA).

What is your favorite mitzvah and why?

Tamara- My favorite Mitzvah is bikor Cholim since it can really help brighten someone’s day and you can be the reason that they smile.

Tamar- My favorite mitzvah is davening because I feel it’s when I connect with hashem the most. It helps build and strengthen my relationship with him on a deeper level.

Avigail- My favorite mitzvah is Kavod Shabbos, doing things to honor shabbos because it is soemthing I enjoy very much. Shabbos is a time when we are closest to Hashem and doing things to honor Him and his day of rest is something that really speaks to me. I feel that it brings me closer to Hashem each time I am able to do it.

Yali- Shabbos because I get to spend time with my family and have no distractions.