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Chaburah Spotlight: Eliana Frankel

scheinmany July 20, 2021

Eliana Frankel is from Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel. Eliana attended Pninei Chein High School and afterwards spent two incredible years at Michlalah. She is currently studying Industrial Engineering and Management at Machon Tal. This is Eliana’s first summer on Michlelet and she is so excited to be here for the summer. Her Chabura is on the topic of Birchos Hashachar, exploring the depth of the daily morning Tefillah. Each Chabura goes thru the brachos and uncovers the layers hidden in the meaning of the bracha. The girls walk out of the Chabura understanding the power of each individual bracha and how they can relate to the meaning, allowing them to have kavanah while reciting the brachos in the morning and gain a deeper grasp on foundational ideas in Yiddishkeit. The fabulous girls in her Chabura are: Lily (KTA), Arielle (SKA), Ahuva (TAG), Michali (Derech Emunah), and Leah (MHS).

What is your favorite Jewish song and why?

Lily- My favorite song is Kol Barama because first of all I think it’s a gorgeous song and second because of its translations (or at least the ones I saw online) and how it talks about Rachel crying out to Hashem to save bnei Yisrael as they passed her and how her tears and teffilah for bnei yisrael reach Hashem in a way that most others don’t and so it just goes to shows the power of ones tefillah.

Michali- It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite jewish song because there’s constantly music playing in my house and i love all of it. If I had to pick it would be either סיבת הסיבות by Ishay Ribo or Hakol Mishamayim by Mordechai Shapiro because those are my brothers favorites and he always plays them.

Arielle- My favorite song would be כתר מלוכה by Yishai Ribo.
This past year and a half has been a year of many different emotions. We’ve had our schools shut down, quarantines, and a year without seeing family. As Jews, we know that there is something that Hashem is trying to teach us through this all. Yishai Ribo beautifully expresses this in the chorus of his song. מה אתה רוצה שנבין מזה? Hashem, what do you want us to understand from all this? I think this message is something that we should all take with us. Even if we may not see the reason for what’s happening, we must realize that Hashem has a reason behind it all. Our job is to dig deeper to uncover what we are being told.

Leah- My favorite Jewish song is A Yid Never Breaks because it captures the essence of a Jew – that we are resilient and have Hashem to guide us always.

Ahuva- My favorite song is mayim rabim by derech achim bc it rlly speaks to me bc the words are so touching and remind me of my past and why I live in this world which is to serve Hashem.