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Chaburah Spotlight: Yael Scheinman

scheinmany July 29, 2021

Yael Scheinman is from Woodmere, NY and attended SKA for high school, followed by a year and half in Michlalah. She is currently entering her senior year at Stern College and hopes to pursue a career in nursing. This is Yael’s third summer on Michlelet, and first as a Madricha. Yael’s Chaburah focuses on different facets of Instagram, connecting them to topics that impact daily Jewish life. Some examples include “editing your profile” which focuses on bein adam le’atzmo and “influencers” which discusses leadership and following in the ways of great Jewish leaders.
Yael’s Chaburah is made up of an awesome group of girls including Tova (Naaleh), Shani (TAG), Lily (MHS), Kayla (Hadar), Temimah (MHS), Allie (HSBY).

What has been your favorite topic to learn about in Chaburah so far and why?

Kayla- My favorite topic that we learnt was about leaders and how to be a leader in the most humble way possible. I learnt so much from each of the different leaders we learned about and what it means to be in a position of taking charge.

Temimah- My favorite topic that we learnt about was the difference between having a large ego and having a healthy sense of self confidence. We spoke about how our honor isn’t only in our hands, rather it’s in the hands of Hashem and He will raise or lower you whenever you need Him to.

Shani- I really liked the lesson about beauty in the eyes of the Torah which spoke about how the way we dress reflects who we are on the inside and how we represent the Jewish people and Hashem.

Allie- My favorite thing we’ve learned so far was the significance of names- what your name means to you and the people around you and how to create a Shem Tov for yourself through everyday actions in order to best represent you and Hashem.

Lily- One of my favorite things that we learned about in our Chaburah this summer was that being an Anav (humble) doesn’t mean putting yourself down and not recognizing your strengths. Rather, recognizing and owning them while still acting in a way that shows you know where those strengths came from and that they were all given to you by Hashem.

Tova- My favorite topic in our Chaburah so far was learning about the important influencers and leaders of the Jewish community. It was really meaningful to learn from these great people and about the qualities necessary for a good Jewish leader and how I can work to hopefully become a leader like them one day!