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About The Trip

Tisha B’Av

scheinmany July 19, 2021

This Tisha B’Av that I experienced on Michlelet was by far the most meaningful Tisha B’Av that I have ever experienced. After hearing Eicha and reciting a few Kinos at the Lev campus, we went up to the roof of their building and had an extremely meaningful presentation. Following that, we sang songs that really put me into the proper mindset. Singing under the open sky, I was able to look up and feel a close connection to HaShem; realizing that the Ribono Shel Olam is right there, listening to us all as we pour out our hearts to Him. The meaningful programming continued into today, as we recited Kinos with meaningful insights from our Madrichot. We ended the day as we started it. We had a Kumzitz with the girls from the Lev campus, here in Reishit, and then we sang as we walked down the steps on the way to the Chadar Ochel, to hear Havdalah and break our fasts. May next Tisha B’Av be a day of Simcha as we all gather together in the Beit HaMikdash.

-Arielle Rosman, North Woodmere, NY