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About The Trip

August 8: Shuk tour, mini tiyulim, night speaker and talent show!

levyj August 8, 2022

Hi! I’m Noa and I live in Florida. Today we started off our day with a meaningful and uplifting davening followed by a delicious breakfast. We then split up into our chaburas and teacher shuirim where we got to learn from our madrichot and teachers. After we got to sign up for different activities – whether it was singing, baking, dancing, drama etc.. it was so fun!! After that we ate lunch followed by mincha where we davened and heard an inspiring Dvar Torah from one of our friends. We then split up once again into our second chaburas and teacher shuirim where we continued to grow and be inspired. After a meaningful day of learning and activities, some of us got to go on an awesome shuk tour and some went to a super cool ropes course park! We then returned back to campus and had dinner followed by an amazing speaker named Rachelle Fraenkel and ended off the day with an elite talent show!! I can’t wait to see what fun tomorrow brings! 🙂